Monday, March 29, 2010

Chosing the Right Web Performance Monitoring Tool

Many of the features on a modern eCommerce site, like image management, Adobe Flash components, video streams, product reviews and "roll-over" details, are provided through Web-based connections to third-party providers, which means that the performance and reliability of your online business is not totally within your control.

To manage this composite Web experience you need to set up not only high-quality Web performance analysis and measurement of your site, but also to gather performance data for all of the add-in components being served up by other vendors. This requires specialized Web tools that analyze your site's performance in a real browser, in the same ways that your customers are going to your site and interacting with your rich Web features.

Be sure to choose a Web performance monitoring solution that tracks the various composite pieces of the pages separately, so you can manage them individually. You can then use that information to tighten your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with your vendors to ensure that their contributions to your site's sales success are living up to your customers' expectations. If problems are found in the analyses of the site and its composite parts, you will at least have the critical information you need to work on getting improvements from those component providers.

Adapted from RIS News

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