Tuesday, February 01, 2011

ISIS: Mobile Payment Standards/Security

Verizon, AT&T Mobility, and T-Mobile USA teamed up in mid-November to launch Isis as a standards-based mobile payments network. Since then, however, the company has been relatively quiet about its plans for 2011. Recently, FierceWireless Editor Phil Goldstein spoke with Isis CEO Michael Abbot, who noted that: "if you're going to make payments work in the United States on a mobile phone, you're going to need a lot of players to come alive in the ecosystem to make that happen--everything from the merchants to the OEMs to the phone manufacturers. You have got to make sure that everybody comes together with a common standard and common protocol. And the point of why we made the announcement about Isis before we were out there marketing it is to let all of the ecosystem players know, here is the place you can come to talk about the open standards we're developing, what we'd expect people to adopt and that we're bringing the wherewithal of AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon and the 200 million subscribers they have and the 100 million who re-up their phones every year. We're bringing that to bear to the ecosystem so you can make that investment and ensure that it is going to have something on the other side of it."

Read the entire interview here to see how ISIS is working to support merchants, mobile companies, banks, and consumers as "a supplier and an enabler of the ecosystem" for mobile payments, supporting standards and security, and their ability to support a spectrum of loyalty programs, as well.

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