Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shopatron Releases Vers. 3.0

Since 58% of shoppers researching a product start the process at the manufacturer's Website, according to Forrester Research, there is a lot of opportunity for manufacturers to sell directly to interested consumers. To leverage this advantage, Shopatron, San Luis Obispo, CA, has announced version 3.0 of its retail-integrated eCommerce solution for branded manufacturers, distributors and multi-channel retailers.

With the Shopatron Website, manufacturers accept consumer orders online, then use Shopatron's Coex Freedom Order Exchange to send the orders to participating retailers and dealers, using geographical proximity as the primary consideration in the selection. Once an order is assigned, the fulfiller either ships the order within one business day or sets it aside for In-Store Pickup, depending on the consumer’s preference.

Retailers and dealers can review available orders online, through a secure, password-protected Website, or they can receive available orders through an automated download.

Order fulfillment appears fluid and simple to consumers. Coex Freedom seamlessly handles payment processing, payment errors, fraud management, returns, exchanges, and promotions logistics.

Shopatron works with almost 1,000 brands and 12,000 retail partners across 35 industries.See Shopatron's Website for more information.

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