Tuesday, March 01, 2011

MyBuys Announces Free Mobile Platform Challenge

MyBuys, a leading provider of personalization for multi-channel retailers, direct brands, and digital agencies, has announced the MyBuys Mobile Challenge, which lets retailers test the performance of their mobile platform for free.

MyBuys will invest the costs and consulting needed to create a fully optimized, personalized Mobile Website to test head-to-head against any current mobile eCommerce site. If the MyBuys Mobile site doesn't perform better, no fees are charged for implementing the site test.

MyBuys Mobile uses real-time analysis of customer online behavior to personalize the shopping experience for every individual across the most popular mobile devices, including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and iPad.

"In 2010, consumers purchased more than $3.2 billion in goods through the mobile channel-almost two and a half times the level of 2009," said Robert Cell, CEO MyBuys. "Yet, 85% of retailers have not yet created a mobile site. MyBuys is the only company to utilize Personalized Navigation, as consumers do not want to type search queries nor drill down endless categories to find things on their phones. Consumers will go to the best site that predicts what they want. MyBuys Mobile has increased mobile revenue by over 100% in every implementation thus far. We are so confident that the MyBuys' Mobile Challenge will prove to retailers that personalization is the key to improved performance and results that we are willing to put our money where our marketing is."

For details on the MyBuys Mobile Challenge, go to www.MyBuys.com/Challenge.

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