Thursday, September 08, 2011

HP Clarifies Future Course

Hewlett-Packard has issued a clarification of its future course, which understandably was widely interpreted as "getting out of the PC business" and discontinuing webOS and the TouchPad. Evidently, the only true statement in the foregoing is "discontinuing the TouchPad." As for the PC business, the HP Personal Systems Group (PSG) is alive and well, and "You'll still be able to buy HP PC products and services through our supply chain partners and online, and you'll continue to receive great customer service." As for WebOS, it is still alive - "Although HP is winding down the device operations of our webOS division by October 31, 2011, we will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software."

"In a nutshell," the statement concludes, "we expect the new PSG—whatever form that will be—will continue to innovate with high-quality products and services to meet business and consumer needs. HP will continue to focus on innovative cloud solutions and services to help tame the explosive growth of data that our customers are experiencing."

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