Saturday, September 10, 2011

Urban Decay Launches eComm Site on Demandware

Demandware, Inc., a leader in on-demand eCommerce, has announced that Urban Decay, the largest independently owned color cosmetic company in the United States, has re-launched on the Demandware Commerce platform to support the growth of its online business in the U.S. and into international markets.

Urban Decay was previously running its eCommerce operations on an antiquated legacy platform that required manual intervention to process even basic orders. The system also lacked the flexibility marketers needed to change or upload content on-the-fly. As a result, the company depended on its internal IT staff to make all changes to the site, limiting its ability to introduce new products and promotions quickly and effectively.

With the Demandware Commerce platform, Urban Decay marketers now have complete control over merchandising promotions, catalog, pricing and all other aspects of the shopping experience. In addition, Demandware’s on-demand model eliminates the need to source and maintain costly IT infrastructure for eCommerce, and provides seamless, automatic upgrades containing new functionality to enable ongoing site innovation.

Urban Decay is also building a mobile commerce storefront leveraging the Demandware Commerce platform.

The new eCommerce site, implemented by Precision Design Studios, offers consumers an inside look at color palettes and product finishes. Social engagement tools, including ratings and review capabilities and photo and video uploading, help Urban Decay connect and build stronger relationships with customers.

Urban Decay also took advantage of several pre-built integrations to third-party technologies available through the Demandware LINK Marketplace. These integrations include Bazaarvoice for ratings and reviews, Paypal for regular and express checkout payments, and Avalara for sales tax management. Several more integrations are planned as the company grows and expands internationally.

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