Wednesday, May 02, 2012

EquaShip Preparing for Relaunch

Seattle-based EquaShip, which first launched its delivery service in October 2011, is currently working on revamping its transportation network to utilize direct integrations with the dozens of carriers who will perform the pickups, long-hauls and final deliveries of its parcels. The strict transit time requirements of online merchants like eBay and Amazon Seller Central require complete visibility and full accountability of all parcel deliveries. EquaShip recognized the need for highly scalable technology with the capability to handle rapid integration among potentially disparate systems. In fact, the forthcoming "carrier agnostic" platform will feature a robust API portal that will connect any carrier's operating system into the EquaShip network. 

As EquaShip prepares for its upcoming re-launch, company executives announced that Datatrac Corporation has been selected to provide a customized, cloud-based platform to meet its specific technology needs. Positioned as the "4th Parcel Carrier" alongside UPS®, FedEx® and USPS®, Equship focuses primarily on the needs of eCommerce shippers. When completed, the new platform will connect millions of small-to-medium size web-based merchants to EquaShip's seamlessly interlined network of regional carriers, postal consolidators and international carrier partners to create a single-brand experience for shippers.

"After vetting virtually all of the existing shipping software platforms in the marketplace we realized that our application is so unique that the optimal solution would really be to build our own proprietary could-based platform from the ground up. No other company has ever brought together the 100-plus eCommerce and shipping software platforms that millions of online sellers use to process their shipments to all the logistics software platforms that carriers commonly use to manage the daily routing and dispatch of their deliveries, so this required an all-new approach best built in the cloud," said Ron Wiener, CEO of EquaShip.

Datatrac has been providing technology that hundreds of carriers use to manage their operations and integrate with their shipper customers for over 35 years. "We awarded this contract to oversee the development of our next-generation platform to Datatrac because we were impressed with the incredible depth and breadth of their senior management team, and wanted their know-how and experience in carrier operations to augment our own team's deep experience in the online commerce world," added Wiener.
"We're very excited to be working on this new project with EquaShip as they continue building a strong network that will effectively compete with traditional carriers who serve the small to medium-sized shipper. By leveraging Datatrac's deep knowledge of carrier operations and expertise in integrating with other technologies, we will be able to quickly create a powerful solution uniquely adapted to EquaShip's needs," said Henry Dixon, Datatrac CEO. "Ultimately, this solution will create a platform that will drive additional business to hundreds of carriers while helping them to better serve the logistics needs for a broad range of online merchants."

Seattle-based EquaShip is scheduled to re-launch in early 2013 as the nation's "4th parcel carrier," offering small-to-medium-sized online sellers competitive shipping services for 10% to 50% less than UPS and FedEx. EquaShip will offer its Super-Economy service (2-8 business days) that will allow smaller shippers to access postal consolidation at rates far more competitive than FedEx SmartPost® and UPS SurePost. A hybrid air/ground Premium service (5 business days) will be offered to compete with FedEx Ground and UPS Ground. Overnight and same-day delivery services will also be offered regionally, as well as a variety of international delivery options. All EquaShip services will include $100 of built-in EquaSurance™ coverage and Perfect Visibility™ including automated exception management. See the company's website at for further information or to subscribe to pre-launch news developments.

Datatrac delivers revolutionary solutions which empower shippers and carriers to become more efficient, provide a better customer experience, and drive superior performance from their transportation logistics through real-time business intelligence and visibility. For more information about DataTrac visit

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