Friday, May 11, 2012

Text Analysis and Knowledge Mining of Call Center Data

Call Centers generate "Big Data," or at least they can, but most of it goes unanalyzed.

To address this challenge, IBM has developed "Text Analysis and Knowledge Mining." According to CIO magazine, "'Companies are applying text and sentiment analysis to this unstructured data, and looking for patterns and trends,' says Deepek Advani, vice president of predictive analytics for IBM, which has implemented its Text Analysis and Knowledge Mining (TAKMI) tool at its own call centers to analyze call center agent records, identify customer concerns, highlight trends and patterns, and provides early warning capabilities.

"'Many companies are integrating this call center data with their transactional data warehouse to reduce customer churn, and drive up-sell and cross-sell [activity],' Advani says. 'Call center logs can provide invaluable insight on what customers were calling about, and can also provide insights for future product requirements.'"

Click HERE for a very interesting (and detailed!) slide presentation on TAKMI.

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