Friday, December 17, 2010

Boden Adopts TagMan

Multichannel UK apparel retailer Boden has adopted TagMan to track the performance of its Web ads, says Oliver Elliot, the company’s online acquisition manager, according to Internet Retailer.

Tracking tags are snippets of code that monitor the performance of online advertising campaigns to indicate where shoppers come from, such as an e-mail marketing message or a paid search, so that the marketer can adjust offers accordingly.

Prior to adopting TagMan, Boden relied on up to 30 ad tags per page, with each tag sending its own stream of data, but the volume of data can obsccure what led a consumer to purchase and, worse, result in the company paying duplicate commissions to marketing partners such as affiliate Web sites.

The TagMan system allows a retailer to install a single TagMan tag on any Web page to cover all of the page’s ad-tracking tags. TagMan client retailers can add, edit or remove tracking tags via a Web browser.

Using a single set of tags to determine a shopper’s path lets Boden reduce the amount it pays online affiliates that display the retailer’s ads by 10% to 15%.

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