Thursday, February 25, 2010

Calumet Photographic Selects iCongo eCommerce Platform

Calumet Photographic has selected has selected the iCongo eCommerce Platform as the backbone of its online global presence, because it was designed to meet the complex requirements of multi-national, multi-brand and multi-channel organizations. Calumet will leverage the iCongo eCommerce Platform and marketing suite to launch four country sites from a single platform with different business rules to support each country.

Calumet’s decision to re-platform will result in the organization’s ability to better service its customers with iCongo’s integrated marketing tools, including call center and CRM, e-mail campaign management, polling, surveys and advanced personalization capabilities. The integrated e-mail and CRM ensures that customers and prospects can be more effectively identified and targeted with advanced segmentation and CRM data to determine which promotions will yield the greatest results for each audience.

With more than 40,000 online products, a dedicated rebate center, in-depth education and product resource centers, availability of rental and other equipment through store integration, Calumet set out to find a robust solution that would best manage its highly interactive and customer-centric online channel. "Some of the key drivers in the selection of iCongo’s eCommerce Platform are the solution’s ease in creating complex layered promotions, advanced site search and integrated e-mail campaign management," says Tim Brennan, CTO for Calumet Photographic. "Communications with our customers is critical and we believe the iCongo eCommerce Platform provides us with the infrastructure and toolset needed to continue growing locally and internationally.”

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