Monday, February 22, 2010

Friedman Corp. Acquires Computer Solutions

Friedman Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc., has announced it has acquired Computer Solutions, Inc. (CSI), Miami Lakes, FL, which develops, sells, and supports "ORDER POWER," a fully integrated order management and eCommerce suite for the IBM iSeries, handling order entry, order processing and fulfillment, customer service, warehousing, accounting, and manifesting.

As a result of the purchase, CSI will become part of Constellation’s Friedman Operating Group and will continue to operate as an independent division of Friedman.

Eric Herrmann, Chief Financial Officer of the Friedman Operating group, commented, “The acquisition of CSI is an ideal match for the Friedman Operating Group. CSI has a longstanding and loyal customer base primarily located in the domestic United Sates. We have now extended our reach into the Multi-Channel Merchant and Direct-to-Consumer markets with an established partner. CSI’s expertise in the order management and fulfillment markets will be a wonderful compliment to Friedman’s existing business.”

Ernest Smith, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for CSI stated, “This was an extremely positive acquisition for CSI’s customers and employees. It reinforces our company’s commitment to the IBM iSeries platform and our product suite while provides CSI with the additional stability and strength of partnering with a much larger enterprise.”

About Friedman: Friedman Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Constellation Software. Friedman Corporation develops enterprise computing solutions for the discrete to-order manufacturer. Friedman's advanced multi-platform technology and modular application design support customized enterprise-wide solutions to meet the unique requirements of the discrete to order manufacturer. Friedman's integrated single database architecture supplies the foundation for the manufacturer's e-business, remote dealer systems, and distribution chain.

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