Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Saks Adds Robots to Order Fulfillment System

Retail Info Systems News reports that Saks has launched a 30-month initiative to convert its fulfillment center from manual to automated operations using Kiva's Mobile-Robotic Fulfillment System in order fulfillment and warehousing operations at its Aberdeen, MD, distribution center.

The Kiva system uses hundreds of robotic units to pick and bring inventory directly to packers, in environments where other forms of automation are not as efficient or as flexible in handling peaks and valleys of demand.

"Given the growth of our Saks Direct business, and our need to support critical store initiatives, this the right time for us to invest in automation," said Michael Rodgers, executive vice president of service operations and CIO, Saks. "The Kiva solution is a terrific option that can more than double productivity of our operations while also offering the flexibility we need to support our multichannel, multi-brand fulfillment strategy well into the future."

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