Sunday, May 23, 2010

Magento Professional

Open source eCommerce vendor Magento has released Magento Professional, which takes its place alongside the Magento Community and Magento Enterprise versions.

Designed for businesses who are working with a qualified Magento Solution Partner, the $2,995 platform includes:

  • Reward Points functionality allowing an online merchant to implement programs based on configurable exchange rates for transactions and promotions, as well as customer actions such as submitting ratings and reviews, signing up for the newsletter and so on.
  • Gift Cards: physical and virtual formats, supporting a personal message when purchasing. Recipients can use the cards to purchase items online or in a retail store.
  • Store Credits can be created and tied to customer accounts. Orders can be refunded for store
    credit, Gift Cards can be redeemed for store credit, and customers can use the credit to purchase
    items during checkout.
  • Additional encryption and security standards to support PA-DSS standards, ensuring Magento is a fully secure solution.
Click here for a comparison of the three Magento platforms.

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