Wednesday, May 26, 2010

P&G Launches eStore

P&G and PFSweb Inc. have announced a new online shopping site for U.S. consumers: the eStore (, an online shopping site owned and operated by PFSweb that will feature a full spectrum of P&G brands, including Tide, Pampers, Olay, CoverGirl, Swiffer and Febreze.

"The U.S. eStore is an exciting initiative that we feel will help us listen, learn and collaborate with online shoppers to find new opportunities to serve consumers' household, beauty and grooming needs," says Kirk Perry, P&G's vice president, North America. "Through our partnership with PFSweb and on-going testing with consumers, we envision the eStore will help deliver new tools, services and features that can ultimately be shared with retailers to provide a real convenience and value for shoppers, while also delivering innovation for the industry and specifically for our product categories."

The eStore's main function is to act as a "living learning lab" for developing eDommerce innovation. Shopper insights will continue to be a strong influence in the eStore's ongoing development to help deliver tools, features and expertise consumers want and also create value and sales for PFSweb, P&G and P&G's retail partners, although how the retailers will benefit is not self-evident.

Prior to the national launch, the eStore enlisted 5,000 shoppers to help guide the design and development of the "ideal" online shopping site. Their input affected site changes and enhancements found on the eStore launch site, including intuitive navigation to find products easily, as well as the ability to navigate by promotions and coupons. These online consumers also helped identify preferred products to feature on the site and, so far, more than 300 new P&G products have been added to the eStore from shopper requests.

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Matt Brown said...

Nice blog post Ernie! The eStore has some really cool feature as well such as the Pampers Diaper Sizer and great FAQs on product pages... we've recently launched a "refresh" of our website over at PFSweb with a new corporate blog so feel free to stop by!

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