Tuesday, May 04, 2010

More on Project Management

Following up a recent post on PCI and Project Management, in which I pointed out that "PCI-compliance is not a one-shot effort: it is an on-going commitment. Getting everyone on board with the program, and keeping them there, requires not only good planning and communications skills, but good project management skills as well," I ran across the following Master Project Management Checklist Template and Forms and thought these might be of interest as well:
http://ilnk.me/bgam (with material from author Jim Highsmith, author of Agile Project Management, an offshoot of "agile programming," which includes "incorporating agile values, scaling agile projects, release planning, portfolio governance, and enhancing organizational agility. Project and business leaders will especially appreciate Highsmith’s new coverage of promoting agility through performance measurements based on value, quality, and constraints."

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