Wednesday, June 30, 2010

16 Multichannel Marketing Myths

Kevin Hillstrom, President of MineThatData and one of the leading practitioners in the multichannel marketing field, has a myth-busting, "Emperor's New Clothes" post on his MineThatData blog. Here's the list of  "myths," many of which may surprise you. I urge you read the blog itself to benefit from Kevin's authoritative insights:

Myth: E-Mail marketing has the best ROI (return on investment)
Myth: Multichannel customers are the best customers
Myth: E-Mail and Social Media are the Dynamic Duo
Myth: Brands utilizing Social CRM are reaping rewards 
Myth: Bricks 'n Clicks are the future of marketing
Myth: Customer Centricity is the key to increased profit
Myth: Customers love interacting with brands on social media
Myth: Customer Engagement is the key to unlocking profit in a one-to-one world
Myth: E-Commerce is the future
Myth: You'll be out of business in five years if you don't jump on the social media bandwagon
Myth: Integrated campaigns are the secret to success
Myth: Businesses fail because decisions are made by the highest paid person's opinion (HiPPO)
Myth: If you had the right metrics posted on a dashboard, executives would make better decisions, and the business would be more successful
Myth: If you continually test and optimize your Website, your business will significantly outperform the competition
Myth: Make cultivating your social media presence a ten-minute task

I don't think there are any "sacred cows" left standing here, do you? Be sure to read Kevin's pithy insights in his MineThatData blog entry to see just how compellingly he debunks these myths, and how knowing what to measure and how to measure it trumps the blue smoke of trendy buzzword bingo every time!

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