Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Future of eCommerce

Brian Walker of Forrester Research notes in ComputerWeekly.com that "Today's consumers have more access points and technology at their disposal than ever before, demanding convenience, choice, and variety in their shopping experiences. Companies need to continue to shift spending to enable the online channels or risk losing out to their competitors.

"Yet, in the future, eCommerce will no longer be about the web browser. The web browser will be just one of many touchpoints that brands, retailers, manufacturers, and distributors will need to support to maximise transactions with customers. Already, an average of 3% of eCommerce revenue is coming from mobile web browsers and applications on smartphones such as the iPhone and Android powered devices.

"Today's internet is actually a splinternet." He then goes on at length to describe in detail his vision of a future for eCommerce as an environment where customers are increasingly in control. I urge you read his comments.

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