Thursday, December 09, 2010

Visa Adds Enhancements to Rightcliq

Visa Inc. has introduced a series of enhancements to "Rightcliq by Visa" that the credit card company believes add more convenience and security to the online shopping experience. The enhancements will nearly triple the number of discounts available to online shoppers, make it even easier to track shipments, and include support for the Google Chrome browser.

Rightcliq was launched by Visa earlier this year, addressing many of the frustration points consumers experience while shopping online and helping them make online buying decisions. Consumers can use Rightcliq with almost any shopping site on the Internet, instantly collect and organize potential purchases in a "Wishspace," and share the Wishspace on their social networks to seek advice. When it's time to buy, Rightcliq lets consumers automatically fill in online forms, select a payment card from a list held securely by Visa and complete their purchase. Rightcliq then helps track shipments so they can feel confident that their holiday gifts will arrive in time.

According to a recent Visa survey, nearly two-thirds of holiday shoppers will "make their list and check it twice," describing themselves as responsible and organized shoppers. The "virtual wishlist" Wishspace feature of Rightcliq may help them do just that. Rightcliq's coupons will also be welcomed by the 76 percent of survey respondents who say they will be motivated to shop online more if a site can instantly show discounts and promotions.

More Offers Save Shoppers Money
Visa has expanded its partnerships with leading merchants to deliver nearly three times as many offers for Rightcliq users. As consumers browse participating merchants' web pages, offers will drop down from the browser tool bar or appear in the Wishspace. Consumers can even share these discounts with their social networks via email or Facebook.

"Getting Rightcliq offers is as simple as surfing the websites consumers already love," says Gerry Sweeney, global head of ecommerce and authentication, Visa Inc.  "As they browse, offers will drop down from the browser tool bar ready for shoppers to redeem, exclusively from Visa."

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