Thursday, July 07, 2011

eGain Offers Interactive Sales Suite

eGain, the Mountain View, CA, provider of cloud and on-site customer interaction software, now offers the eGain Interactive Sales Suite for transforming B2C websites into interactive shopping destinations.

The solution helps eBusiness and marketing teams quickly deploy, assess, and refine customer engagement strategies with contextual promotions and proactive assistance. As an integral part of eGain’s "Customer Interaction Hub" solution set, the new suite works seamlessly with eGain's service applications to ensure consistent customer experience at all touchpoints.

The need for an agile Web sales and service strategy
Despite escalating investment in online initiatives, B2C businesses struggle to keep up with proliferating touchpoints and rapidly evolving interaction preferences. Abandoned shopping carts, discarded forms, and fractured experiences are still the norm. eGain Interactive Sales Suite addresses these challenges by enabling deployment of holistic customer engagement strategies with a solution that is both quick and complete.

“The multichannel Web is rapidly becoming the central point for business-to-consumer interactions,” said Johan Jacobs, Research Director for Gartner. “Organizations that do not focus on leveraging web channels for unified sales, marketing, and service will struggle with customer engagement and ownership."

The Interactive Sales Suite enables Websites with rich interaction choices by means of the following products, all built on a eGain’s knowledge-powered customer interaction platform:
  • eGain® Offers™ to enable proactive, real-time, rule-based offers to engage Website visitors; offers include coupons, promotions, personalized content, contextual self-service, and agent assistance.
  • eGain® Social™ to monitor social media, proactively publish offers, and privately engage with prospects.
  • eGain® Multibrowse™ to enable customers and phone or chat agents to jointly navigate and fill forms on any Website securely in real-time with no downloads required.
  • eGain® Chatbot™ for avatar-based, brand-aligned natural language conversations.
  • eGain® Chat™ and eGain® ClickToCall™ to provide Website visitors the ability to chat or request a callback.
  • eGain® Notify™ to offer customers the ability to sign up for multichannel sales and service alerts across social networks, mobile apps, voice updates, email, and SMS.

eGain Interactive Sales Suite enables B2C marketing and sales teams to easily test alternative customer engagement strategies.

No IT help is needed to deploy, measure, and refine website offers, except a single-line Javascript addition to the website footer. Users get out-of-the-box A/B testing capability and a fully configured customer engagement dashboard. In addition, businesses can extract unique customer insight using the eGain Multichannel Analytics capability.

Going beyond proactive chat, the eGain solution spans all assistance options (chatbot, chat, click-to-call, cobrowse, and FAQs) as well as personalized content (coupons, promotions, and newsletter subscriptions).

It is also the industry’s only suite to include next-generation cobrowsing and multimedia chatbot capabilities.

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