Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shopatron Launches 1TEAM Elite

In January of this year Shopatron, which coordinates direct-to-consumer fulfillment for retailers, announced the Shopatron 3.0 commitment to rich customer experiences.

In the five months since the announcement, Shopatron has been at work delivering on the promises of their 5-point customer experience: star-white-5points
"We have been getting great feedback from clients, partners and customers on the upgrades that have been implemented so far with Shopatron 3.0."

Some enhancements that have been delivered or are soon to be launched in support of this commitment include system speed and security enhancements, PayPal checkout, guest checkout, instant order fulfillment, the customer experience bonus tool and the Fulfillment Partner of the Month program. Over the next weeks you will be learning more about instant order fulfillment, which will speed orders through the assignment process, and the customer experience bonus tool, which will allow merchants to reward their best fulfillment partners.

Shopatron has also simplified its fee structure with the 1TEAM program as a framework for customer service both online and in stores.

1TEAMelite.png"One of the biggest rewards we added to the program is the opportunity for Shopatron fulfillment partners to qualify for our 1TEAM Elite program," the company reports. 1TEAM Elite rewards fulfillment partners who consistently provide excellent customer service. Partners that meet the criteria for this program enjoy significantly lower fees.

Industry research has shown that trust, ease-of-use, rich content, and flexible delivery options are key to sales and customer loyalty. Shopatron's efforts to make fulfillment easier and more streamlined for its retail partners are intended to support "an unparalleled customer experience"

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