Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Riding With the Devil: The Enterprise Systems Dilemma

In the next month or two I will be writing a brief eBook entitled "Riding With the Devil: The Systems Dilemma and Tough Truths About Enterprise Software."

It will cover two main themes:
(A) the vast gulf between customized/modified enterprise solutions (which are fraught with bugs, slow to implement, and difficult to support) and those systems that rely on integration of packaged applications with very little if any modification except for the User Interface (and even then, kept to a minimum). Obviously, the former tries to comply with the user's business rules, while the latter usually requires significant changes in business methods. Neither alternative is optimum, but I will explore the spectrum that lies along these two poles.

(B) Agile Software Development, and whether using Rapid Application Development approaches offers a useful "Third Way," or only opens Pandora's Box, pushing companies deeper into the mire.

I invite your comments and insights on both of these topics.

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