Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SATMAP Call Routing System Reduces Costs 7%

JoAnna Brandi, customer loyalty specialist, has found and recently begun representing a product for call centers that can increase customer satisfaction by almost one standard deviation point on a five point scale.

This product is the next generation of call center routing, as it uses "neural networking" to match the call center rep and customer based on over 100 psychographic and demographic factors of the caller (such as age, gender, income level, geographic location and education) to send the call to the next BEST rep, not the next available rep.

SATMAP, as the product is known, is returning an increase of between 15 - 22% in conversion rates for clients, typically decreasing cost for call handling by 7% and keeping customers and employees happier for the largest financial institutions, telecoms and hospitality firms. The product has quietly been installed since 2007 in over 25,000 seats at 20+ customers.

This artificial intelligence product has 24 patents and learns from each and every interaction to return business intelligence back to the company. There is no capital investment involved and it can be up and running in 30 days (on a hosted or on-premises basis). There is a 60 Day risk-free guarantee and they work on a share of the upstream revenue. All results are measurable and auditable.

Here's the catch - it only works in call centers that have over 200 seats and are in a B2C environment. If you want to hear more about how some smart companies are suceeding with this product, contact JoAnna at 561-279-0027 or e-mail joanna@customercarecoach.com


Barry Dalton said...

Do you have any case studies about more specific results? This TRG's product, correct?

7% reduction in what KPI? What are the elements of the cost equation that are included?

I've heard mixed reviews.

thanks in advance

JoAnna Brandi said...


I do have three case studies I can share. You are correect, it is TRG's product.

The 7% figure is based on reducing call handling time.

I have a new paper as well if you are interested in seeing it.
My direct email is joanna@customercarecoach.com

Thank you for your interest.
My office phone is
561 279-0027

I am out this week but returning all calls.


Unknown said...

Hi Earnie. Thanks for this info. I was searching some info about call centers and other telemarketing services, and I stumbled upon your blog. Does the SATMAP call routing system costs reduction still applies today?

Anonymous said...

Earlier the technology wasn’t so developed and it was impossible to route calls to 0800, 0845 or 0870 numbers to your mobile phone. However now with the advent of modern techno, you can directly divert your call to your mobile.
Earlier the system was – route the call to a UK landline number – then divert that call to your mobile. The only main issue with this system is that you need to have expensive line on rental that did nothing but only diverted the calls.
The scenario has changed completely now. You can simply divert the 0800 free phone numbers in a cheap way. If you regularly divert your calls to your mobile when you leave your space of work, then whatever incoming calls to your 0800 number come, will automatically get diverted to your mobile.
The best part is that the 0800 numbers can divert as many as 5 landline numbers. If there is no response there is a facility of a voicemail message that can be recorded and also sent your email address. So with 0800 you can divert to the mobiles, you can divert to as many as 180 countries, you get a free switchboard, and there are voicemail notifications via SMS.

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