Saturday, May 30, 2009

ProfitCenter Software Closing Down!

I am informed by reliable and knowledgeable sources that Systemax has "pulled the plug" on ProfitCenter Software (PCS).

While I do not have full details at this point, my understanding is that PCS will continue to support its current installs for a number of months going forward to assure a smooth transition for them to new solutions. Meanwhile, PCS as a company is being wound down, and of course no new contracts will be signed with new users.

I will report further details as they become available.


Anonymous said...

I have heard something similar. However, I hear that they would like to sell the software to another company. It would be an easy way for one the other software companies with older software to pick up a pretty good solution quickly.

Ernie Schell said...

That is certainly one option, and I believe it is being pursued. But there are other options, as well. I will report on these as they emerge.

Anonymous said...

Our multi-channel company has been hosted on the ProfitCenter Software platform for some time now, its on-demand infrastructure, scalability and flexibility to match our business model was what attracted us to the platform initially and is what made it such a powerful tool for us in the rapid growth of our business over time. ProfitCenter always acted as business partner and was truly a unique “do-it-all” ERP software company. It’s no secret that they experienced some growing pains in the past just as many companies do, but they were surely headed in the right direction for the future of multi-channel commerce & marketing, hopefully another company can see the value of this modern SaaS technology and acquire PCS along with their strong & profitable active client base.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link detailing the closing of ProfitCenter Software at the NY State Dept of Labor..

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