Friday, April 30, 2010

UnsubCentral Launches Online Ad Preference Service

Spam compliance company UnsubCentral is launching a new tool that marketers can use to let Web visitors choose the kinds of ads they want to receive, and even whether they want to see ads at all. Dubbed "PreferenceCentral," the service is part of an effort by the advertising and marketing industries to convince lawmakers they can keep online consumers informed on behavioral advertising without new laws.

The program is designed to work in conjunction with behavioral targeting icons, which will carry metadata that includes information about the advertiser and links to the company.

According to Online Media Daily, PreferenceCentral Privacy Officer Steven Vine said "the company developed the tool in response to requests of clients that use UnsubCentral to ensure their email lists comply with the federal Can-Spam law.

"Vine says that companies will be able to integrate the platform with the online networks that serve behaviorally targeted ads. Consumers also will be able to sign in and create ad preference profiles under their own names, or will be able to have information stored on cookies that aren't associated with their names.

"UnsubCentral's new offering comes as an increasing number of companies are allowing consumers to manage their online marketing profiles. Last year, Google introduced Ads Preference Manager, which lets people edit the interest areas Google associates with their cookies [or opt out of ads altogether, although only 1 in 15 do, according to Fast Company]. Yahoo and BlueKai also allow consumers to edit their ad preferences, and mobile ad network JumpTap will do so by the end of June."

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