Friday, August 07, 2009

Listrak Offers Event Triggered E-mail

Listrak, an e-mail marketing solution provider, has announced the release of its Event Triggered Messaging (ETM) system called "Listrak Conductor," part of Listrak’s Professional and Enterprise solutions that help marketers automate e-mail responses based on respondent behavior.

Event Triggered Messages may be generated from almost any customer or subscriber touch point and can be used by e-mail marketers to automate a range of different e-mails, either triggered by consumers or subscribers when they submit a form online or click a web site link for example, or triggered by their response to an initial e-mail sent from an e-mail marketer. Automatic e-mail conversations can be programmed to take different subscribers down different paths, according to their actions and responses.

The most basic form of ETM is a simple one-step autoresponder, which could be a welcome message in response to someone subscribing to a newsletter for example. Date-based triggers such as birthdays or anniversaries are another common use for triggered e-mail messages. More complex, multi-step, multi-path transactional messages that integrate profiling and dynamic content in response to subscriber actions, such as shopping cart abandonment emails, provide e-mail marketers with the ability to get very granular in segmenting their lists and subscribers.

Listrak has positioned ETM primarily for small to medium-sized direct marketers.

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