Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Roots Canada Selects iCongo

iCongo, Inc., a provider of eCommerce and cross-channel systems, today announced it has entered into an agreement with Roots Canada Ltd., Canada’s leading lifestyle brand, to implement its cross-channel systems and a selection of eCommerce modules to enhance its current online store.

Leveraging iCongo’s expertise in cross-channel technology and systems integration, Roots will be able to offer its entire stock of inventory through stores and online channels regardless of the location of the customer. This will increase sales conversions through universal product availability at roots.com and at all Roots stores across Canada and the United States.

Orders and shipments will now be able to originate easily at any Roots location to better serve its customers. The system will also provide reporting required to properly attribute credit for the sale to the location of the purchasing customer. This will allow Roots to provide incentives to store employees to convert single channel customers to become multi-channel customers and reduce the concern of cannibalization between stores and online.

By taking advantage of iCongo’s “endless aisle” capabilities to capture in-store sales for out of stock items, and broadening the available assortment at smaller locations Roots is better positioned to capture lost sales opportunities. Additionally, by using iCongo’s technology, Roots will be collecting valuable analytics for strategic assortment planning and replenishment and benefit from a much higher level of integration between its eCommerce website and its back office systems.

“Once we roll out the new system, Roots will be able to achieve faster inventory turns by breaking down the barriers between roots.com and their individual physical stores,” says Steve Kramer, President of iCongo. “The impact on the Web channel will allow Roots to provide its full collection online and give customers the power to buy anywhere by fulfilling orders from either the online warehouse or any physical store, greatly increasing conversion rates.”

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