Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seeking A Better Domain Name Marketplace

Thought there was nothing very interesting to say about Internet domain names? Think again! Frank Shilling of takes you first to the south of France, then to an Apple store, and finally to a Nestle shop in Europe (where the Nespresso coffee makers are really big sellers) to make his point: "Compare Apple’s phone marketing or Nestle’s coffee marketing to the domain name business and you will see a glaring dichotomy.

 "I recently sold a valuable name and had to hold the seller’s hand as they created an escrow transaction, worked through a contract, requested an invoice, and worked through a cumbersome registrar transfer - all before they ever even turned on a website. Still the buyer saw the potential of their purchase as prolific, and worked hard to muddle through the steps to an end.  There was no system. Much like the real estate system in France, this insider still received a great tactical advantage because of a lack of organized information in regard to the value of the name.

"Domain names are critical to the Internet economy and to all web marketing efforts. They are bought, sold, leased and fought for each day – yet there is just a small patchwork of IP management companies which hold the hands of IP interests looking to acquire names....While I predict many great returns for those who buy Nestle (Nespresso) stock, I predict untold riches for the mastermind who helps the consumer understand the lifetime value of domains – and to ease delivery of same."

He's got much more to say on this. Take a look. See also a companion blog post on the new .co domain suffix.

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