Monday, November 08, 2010

DemandWare Offers mCommerce Platform

Woburn-based eCommerce software provider Demandware Inc. debuted Demandware Mobile today to take the functionality and operational benefits of Demandware’s web-based eCommerce platform to the mobile channel.

Demandware Mobile easily integrates with a brand’s existing eCommerce platform and is, according to the vendor, "The first browser-agnostic ecommerce option for mobile storefronts," including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and others, and maintain data consistency across multiple channels.

Demandware Mobile enables personalized content on a mobile site through DemandWare's Active Merchandising functionality. This feature drives dynamic customer interactions by enabling retailers to present personalized content and promotions to mobile consumers. Key functionality also includes a robust product catalog, flexible price books, comprehensive promotions, optimized mobile checkout, dynamic content slots, configurable site search, security, and data integration.

Customers are accessing our mobile site for essentials such as product information, pricing, and availability while they are watching television, which requires tight data synchronization between our mobile site, website and TV network," said Craig Shields, vice president of ecommerce, Jewelry Television. “In a short timeframe, we developed a feature-rich mobile web storefront on Demandware that made it extremely easy for us to capture this engaged and growing mobile population.”

“Given its rapid adoption, mobile has to be a core part of retailers’ overall commerce strategy and they need an enterprise-class solution to support this critical, fast-growing channel,” said Jamus Driscoll, vice president of marketing for Demandware. “Demandware Mobile can be used by any retailer to deliver rich, branded mobile shopping experiences, regardless of their existing ecommerce platform. Of course, we prefer that all retailers use Demandware for both ecommerce and mobile commerce, but now retailers who are locked into platforms such as ATG, WebSphere and others, can leverage the robust functionality and operational benefits of Demandware for the mobile channel.”

Say Cheryl Morris of BosInnovation, "with nods to the rich experiences offered by HTML5 and 4G in DemandWare's whitepaper “Critical Success Factors for Mobile Commerce,” it seems we can expect more announcements from Demandware in the future.

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