Wednesday, November 03, 2010

LoopFuse Announces OneView Marketing Automation Platform

eWeek reports that sales and marketing automation specialist LoopFuse has released OneView v3.28, a marketing automation platform aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, featuring inbound, content, and search engine marketing to enable marketers to analyze Website traffic in real-time, providing insight into which marketing programs are driving qualified leads to the Website.

"Similar to Google Analytics, OneView now offers real-time Web analytics that reveal who is linking to the Website’s marketing content articles. It also tracks how many visitors have accessed content from a specific source or referrering Website, as well as where visitors navigate to, after arriving from a particular referring site. In addition, OneView now provides insight into the keywords used to find the Web site across 12 supported search engines.

"Dashboards provide a real-time view across a company’s sales and marketing activities, including information on touchpoints with prospects, companies, customer relationship management (CRM) leads, and CRM contacts, as well as email marketing open and click rates and the number of leads created per hour within the CRM.

"Lead capture forms integrate with current Web site forms, allowing users to automate the process of capturing, funneling (in to the CRM), and qualifying leads. A Lead Nurturing feature automates the process of qualifying prospects in to leads or keeping existing customers' attention. The company said OneView's Lead Nurturing module is capable of analyzing all touchpoints with a particular prospect; Web site activity, contact information, email activity, and even real-time integration with the CRM."

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