Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mobile Site Search

If you are considering mobile-optimized sites, don't overloook mobile site search. Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems, a provider of eCommerce site search solutions that has just launched a mobile search option, spoke with Practical Ecommerce about this, starting with the question: "Why does an ecommerce site need special mobile-optimized site search." Here's his answer, and more Q&A.

How important is this? Well, just listen to Shaun: "If you go to Amazon, you'll notice that on its mobile site, it's dominated by the search." Need we say more?

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Journeys Shares Lessons Learned from Mobile Launch The highlights:
  • An order-by-phone link is important in m-commerce
  • mobile can be used to enhance the in-store experience
  • SMS works for an immediate call-to-action
  • Geo-social programs can drive store traffic
  • 23% of Journeys customers own a smart phone, so for this retailer, it makes sense to have a WAP-based mobile browser instead of apps

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