Sunday, September 13, 2009

Feds Reveal More Re Cyberthief Gonzalez

According to StoreFront Backtalk: When cyberthief Albert Gonzalez pled guilty to many of the charges against him last Friday, the government revealed a bit more about the case, e.g. "it was BJ’s Wholesale Club that was first attacked and that the Secret Service has collected 'more than forty million distinct credit and debit card numbers from two computer servers' controlled by Gonzalez and his associates and has counted the consumer, retail and bank victims as 'an enormous number of people, certainly millions upon millions, perhaps tens of millions.'

"Those comments from Assistant Boston U.S. Attorney Stephen Heymann during Friday’s hearing may be the beginning of the end of details to be released about the case, as the guilty plea means the avoidance of a trial, which in turn means that the government won’t be forced to reveal even more details. That’s a relief to many of the retailers involved, as they see the less light shed on their roles, the better."

For more of Evan Schuman's trenchant views on this important case, click HERE.

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