Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MOM Vers. 7i is PA-DSS-Compliant

Dydacomp, a provider of business automation software for multi-channel merchants, retailers, and cataloguers, has released the latest version of its Mail Order Manager (M.O.M.) software solution, Version 7i, the company's first PCI PA-DSS certified product.

"PCI compliance is of vital importance to our customers as the way they will need to process credit cards and store data is about to drastically change," said John V. Healy, Dydacomp CEO. "We've eliminated our customers' primary pain point by pursuing and receiving PCI PA-DSS compliance certification for Version 7i as well as adding numerous customer requested enhancements."

M.O.M. Version 7i includes more than a dozen significant enhancements to Version 6 (on which the current release is built). Key features include (but are not limited to) graphical and text on-demand reporting, advanced automated drop shipping, EDI, branded gift cards as a payment method, detailed data transmission to QuickBooks , and mobile access from the iPhone, iPod Touch, or other PDA devices.


Anonymous said...

Mom 7i is vaporware. None of the real enhancements actually work yet???????

Ernie Schell said...

The above comment re "vaporware" was sent anonymously. We don't know the source -- it could be a competitor, a mis-matched user, someone who has a problem with their particular set-up...or a legitimate report. Anybody using MOM 7i who would like to comment one way or the other? If you post anonymously, please e-mail me at ernie@schell.com to discuss. Thank you.

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