Friday, April 09, 2010

ACCM now Retail Marketing Conference

Readers of this blog who attend Direct Marketing Assoc. conferences have typically gravitated to the National Conference on Operations and Fulfillment (NCOF, coming up in Orlando, April 19-21, where I am speaking on PA-DSS/PCI-compliance and Systems ROI).

But a lot of the systems vendors also exhibit at the Annual Catalog Conference, so it's important to know that this has now been been rebranded as the Retail Marketing Conference, "revamped, remixed, and reengineered to best represent the integrated marketing environment all retail marketers now operate in," according to the DMA. "Preserving the legacy of our ACCM history, and adding all the best of digital and direct marketing, this new event will provide a robust marketing tool box for attendees looking for innovative content that maximizes customer experience and ROI."

The RMC will be in Orlando May 24 - 27.

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