Tuesday, April 20, 2010

nGenera Launches Social Customer Service Platform

nGenera Customer Interaction Management (CIM) a division of nGenera Corp., has released nGen CIM 9, which adds nGen Community and nGen Social Media channels to the suite and enhances its core channels: nGen Knowledgebase, nGen Email and nGen Chat.

The company claims nGen CIM 9 enables organizations to deliver a superior experience in the time of the social customer. The highlights of this significant new release include:

nGen community, powered by nGen Knowledgebase--Customers can now engage in social self-service by creating and sharing knowledge and experiences as well as participating in community management. Community members interact in forums and contribute via wiki while the organization retains overall control. Members can evaluate content and users through reputation modeling. nGen Community’s integration with nGen Knowledgebase ensures community-generated content is fed back into the knowledgebase and can be accessed by users through federated search.

nGen Social Media--Contact centers can now listen, interpret and respond to conversations across popular social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. nGen Social Media swiftly identifies chatter, prioritizes incidents using sentiment technology, and then, depending on sentiment score, routes incidents to the agent the same as a traditional customer-initiated inquiry. The agent can then respond using social media or traditional customer interaction channels.

nGen Knowledgebase search--Customers and agents now have powerful intelligent search available for the contact center. nGenera CIM has expanded its federated search capabilities to include knowledgebase content, Web site content and file server content. With CIM 9 nGen Knowledgebase, database and social content have been added to the search.

nGen CoBrowse--Contact centers can simply and easily engage customers in collaborative CoBrowse sessions to help them complete purchases or solve complex issues. It’s reportedly the only co-browse solution offered both on demand and on premise.

nGen Survey--nGen Survey is a full-featured and completely integrated post-interaction survey module.
“Enterprisabilty”--nGen CIM 9 features architecture enhancements that ensure the scalability that is critical to the company’s target market: large enterprises. Administration enhancements enable efficiency in the management of thousands of users in a distributed global contact center throughout the suite.

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