Friday, April 30, 2010

Data Tokenization Vendors

I am aware of the following vendors for tokenization/data security management to protect credit cards for PCI-DSS compliance. Please submit additional vendor suggestions in the Comments for this blog entry. The vendors can provide data encryption services as well, but the ability to manage tokenization is the key thing here. Thanks!

Aladdin (eToken)
RSA (The Security Division of EMC) 

From the "Comments" section below:
Shift4 Corporation (which coined the term "tokenization")
XiSecure On-Demand (Paymetric)
Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX)


Ernie Schell said...

Paymetric also provides a tokenization solution called XiSecure On-Demand. Visit for more information.

Anonymous said...

I want to call your attention to Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX) for future reference. EPX is a full end-to-end credit card processor based in Wilmington, DE. EPX began routinely tokenizing cardholder data in 2001. Last summer, before First Data and RSA announced their joint "encryption+tokeniztion" solution (now in pilot testing), EPX launched the first ever 'hybrid' use of encrypting card readers at the POS, then tokenization of the stored data and data-in-transit to/from merchants.

We would be happy to discuss the details of our tokenization approach and our patent-pending BuyerWall technology with you should you if you or your readers would like to have additional detail.


Charles Crawford, EPX

Steve Sommers said...

You should probably add the company known as the inventors of tokenization: Shift4 Corporation --

While I don't like saying that we "invented" it, we did coin the term and released the tokenization concept to the public domain ( We have had commercially available tokenization solutions for payment processing since 2005 (actually prior, but since the term was coined in 2005, that's the year we claim).

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