Monday, April 26, 2010

Lightening Pick Has Wireless Pick-to-Light System

Lightning Pick, Germantown, WI, has announced the NW Series of Wireless Pick-to-Light Modules, allowing expansion of product locations without rack or shelving infrastructure or where locations must be continuously mobile. Examples include pallet locations on open floors and product bins located on monorails or carts.

The wireless modules take advantage of several recent technological advances allowing them to remain active for long periods between recharges. The most important of these is the use of “White Paper” or electronic paper display technology, also used in eBook readers like the Amazon Kindle. The white paper lights retain information displays without the need to draw power. The system runs on a low power radio technology which uses a fraction of the energy required by tradional Wi-Fi networks.

NW Series lights can present data in unique ways including numbers, text, and even bar codes. High contrast white on black information is easy to read and clear from both long distances and a wide range of viewing angles. Within Lightning Pick software, wireless locations can be configured as in traditional track-mounted lights. Bays and zones can leverage a combination of track and wireless modules.

This truly mobile, flexible, and environmentally friendly technology has multiple messaging options for configuration to your requirements.

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