Monday, April 19, 2010

Highjump Offers WMS in the Cloud

SupplyChainBrain reports: HighJump Software Inc. is now offering its warehouse-management system application in a “cloud” delivery model. The hosted system will have the same features and functionality as HighJump’s on-premise WMS, as well as the ability to build new business processes by way of the vendor’s adaptability tools.

The cloud-computing model allows the WMS vendor to host both the software application and hardware infrastructure. Customers access the system via a Web browser. Companies turn to hosted software as a means of reducing their need for up-front investment and the maintenance of applications residing behind corporate firewalls. HighJump already offers a cloud-based version of its transportation-management system software. The option allows companies of all sizes to simplify and lighten their IT loads while gaining the benefits of a Tier 1 WMS, according to HighJump chief executive officer Russell Fleischer.

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