Monday, August 09, 2010

Algebraix Data Webinar

Can a new algebra simplify information management? Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to find out!

Renowned IT Analyst Robin Bloor will "brief" Chris Piedmonte, CTO and Glenn Hout, VP of Algebraix Data. Topics to be addressed include:
  • how this new algebra could revolutionize the traditional data warehousing model
  • how it can recast the query process
  • why ETL is not necessary
  • how the product's design can be data-model agnostic
  • how it self-tunes by creating new algebraic functions for each new query
  • why it's ideal for real-time analytics
Traditional database systems use 40-year-old telational technology of rows and columns. Others use techniques such as appliance-based or columnar approaches which do not address fundamental performance restrictions. Algebraix Data Advanced Analytic Database ("A2DB")  claims to remove this and other traditional relational technology limitations, which allows you to answer high-value business questions in realtime. This Webinar will explain how, and also how A2DB provides the lowest TCO in the industry: averaging one-tenth that of competing technologies.

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