Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vortx Buys AspDotNetStorefont

Vortx, Inc., an eCommerce company based in Ashland, OR, has completed the acquisition of AspDotNetStorefront, a division of Discovery Productions, Inc. and a leading eCommerce solution on the MS Dynamics/AX platform. AspDotNetStorefront is used by more than 10,000 online retailers and 6,000 eCommerce developers and partners.

"To say we are pleased with the acquisition would be a massive understatement," says Dana Greaves, Vortx founder and CEO. "Acquiring one of the leading .NET-based e-commerce platforms enables us to more quickly bring our current products, like our mobile commerce platform and dozens of other add-ons and service offerings, to online storeowners and the strategic partnerships we already serve. It's the perfect marriage of synergies, and a natural step in our rather dramatic growth in recent years."

Says Robert Anderson, President and CEO of Discovery Productions, "We have spent more than 10 years and millions of dollars building one of the most respected platforms in the business. Vortx has been one of our most successful partners and is very well revered within the e-commerce community. I couldn't be happier with this fit."

Plans for the next six months include multi-store enhancements, mobile, search traffic, and backoffice integration features. "This platform will quickly become known for its community-based approach to providing expertise, code, and a marketplace of plug-ins, all embraced by a blanket of high-quality service,"says Jo Benson, COO at Vortx.

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