Monday, August 23, 2010

Survey: Vast Majority Of Social Media Campaigns Fail

Eric Sass writes in MediaPost that a new report on social media from KingFishMedia, based on a survey of 457 marketing executives in the second quarter of 2010, found that 72% of respondents said their company had a social media strategy, and the majority of the rest said they would have one this year. Eight-five percent of respondents said they have a Twitter account and just over two thirds have a Facebook fan page for their company, but only 30% said they had executed a social media ad campaign, and only half of these had attempted to measure the ROI of those campaigns. About half said social media campaigns performed as expected or better than expected. Bottom line: "8% of marketers have executed social media campaigns, measured the results, and been satisfied with the outcome." Sass speculates that this poor showing may be due to half-hearted commitments: "90% of respondents said managing social media is just part of their responsibilities, suggesting they can't give it their full attention"

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