Wednesday, August 25, 2010

eComm Platform Venda Bundles Fulfillment PRO Logistics

Venda, a major on-demand eCommerce provider, now offers Venda Fulfillment Precision Robotic Optimization (PRO) logistics™ powered by Quiet Logistics. By joining two leading providers at the technology, marketing and business service levels, this new solution will allow both companies to seek new growth opportunities that will help users reduce costs and complexity while improving speed and accuracy.

Venda Fulfillment PRO Logistics, the industry’s first robotic warehousing and fulfillment solution, leverages the same scalable onDemand model as does Venda to deliver end-to-end eCommerce and fulfillment. As the latest addition to the Venda eCommerce eCosystem, Fulfillment PRO takes much of the risk, guesswork, errors and costs out of this critical element of eCommerce success.

Powered by Quiet Logistics, Venda Fulfillment PRO delivers the speed and accuracy of robotic fulfillment technology from Kiva, previously available only to large firms, to any organization running the Venda Enterprise eCommerce platform. Fulfillment PRO also offers the F.A.S.T. ™ Guarantee (Flexible, Accurate, Speedy and Trustworthy), ensuring orders are delivered on time and error-free.

Key benefits:
  • Customers will have the ability to track changes in product types, product velocities, order prioritization and other operational realities that is not possible with traditional sorting equipment.
  • Every item at each physical process point (receiving, put away, replenishment, picking, shipping and inventory audit) is verified by bar code scanning. 
  • Simultaneous picking and replenishment can proceed at the same time with full productivity, allowing reduced days-on-hand of inventory.
  • High Reliability of SaaS eCommerce and SaaS Fulfillment with parallel equipment and no single point of failure for zero downtime in a 24/7 operation. 
The integrated service will be available in both the U.S. and in Europe, with local facilities and support.

“We are investing together in this new solution because the eCommerce industry is at an inflection point,” said Greg Cronin, Vice Chairman and EVP of Quiet Logistics. “Together, Venda and Quiet Logistics are collaborating at a fundamental level in both integration and product development, allowing us to rapidly deliver high quality, reliable solutions that will enable our customers to realize increased economic benefits from our combined solution.”

About Venda
Venda delivers on-demand eCommerce to some of the world's leading retailers and manufacturers, including Tesco, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Superdrug, JVC, Urban Outfitters, Conde Nast and Jimmy Choo.  Multi-lingual and multi-currency capable, Venda has both B2B and B2C solutions.. The company has offices in New York, London and Bangkok.

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