Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sanderson's StoreVision Unifies Stock Reporting

Toys N Tuck in the UK has upgraded its retail stock systems platform to StoreVision from Sanderson, a comprehensive point of sale and back office retail management solution, to give it the ability to review stock levels for all stores and the warehouse on a single EPoS platform, so stock queries can be resolved immediately, without the need to call around each site.

Real-time stock visibility not only improves efficiency for Toys N Tuck, but also enables faster response and better service for its customers. “We can pinpoint information to answer customer queries straight away: it’s easier for the staff and means they provide a better service,” says David Dadswell, founder and MD.

With visibility comes the confidence in stock accuracy and, in turn, sales data accuracy.

Dadswell has some sound advice for others: “Decide what you want from the system - that will determine what you put into it. Having planned this properly at the outset, I know that I can now drill down into data by supplier, by store, by department within that store, by a time period... whatever parameters I require. You must prepare properly if you really want to gain the maximum value from the extensive data the system can offer.”

The new-found confidence in this data is enabling Toys N Tuck to make better decisions more quickly, which is crucial in such a fast-moving sector. “The scope and range of reports is fantastic, and it is highly flexible. I can see exactly which areas of a store are producing the most profit. There is so much useful functionality that it goes beyond what we require now, but knowing we can tap into that in future is very important to us.”

Indeed, StoreVision enables Toys N Tuck to react quickly to demand, spot trends and ensure purchase ordering mirrors that demand. “We are able to maximise the use of cash flow and direct it to the right areas,” confirms Dadswell. “The toy industry is quite different to other retail sectors because you have to order so far in advance, but with StoreVision we know we have the control we need. We have all the critical data to hand.”

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