Friday, August 13, 2010

ProStores Offers Version 10 of its eCommerce App

ProStores, an eBay company offering eCommerce platforms and services for small and medium-sized businesses, has developed version 10 of its online store application.

Features of ProStore 10 include Page Builder, a new design tool which simplifies the customization of key store pages. Merchants can give their stores an updated look and feel, drag and drop panels to revamp page layouts, and create graphical barriers tied to scheduled promotions, all from one central location. Responding to user requests, they have also added a new store theme with horizontal category navigation.

ProStores 10 also includes enhancements that make it easier for merchants to manage their store. Merchants can adjust invoices more efficiently—for example, they can now apply a discount or adjust shipping charges while an order is in process or help a customer add an item after an order is placed.

New order-management capability makes it easier for merchants to locate and revise orders, and enter and process phone orders. Also included are enhanced searching, sorting and viewing options, along with the ability to select different batch amounts to view per page. 

To get optimal performance out of their promotions, merchants can now make their promotions stand out with the Advertising Banners tool. And searching, sorting and viewing orders and categories are much faster than before with enhanced order and catalog management features.

Merchants who list on eBay also enjoy greater integration between the two platforms, including improved inventory syncing, bulk product import and deletion of listings, and automatic adjustment of inventory on both platforms for items sold.

A catalog management feature makes it easier to handle large catalogs and assign products to categories. they can easily add a product to a given category. or advertise a product more effectively by assigning it to a featured category.

New Product Search options allow for search by Partial name match, Product number, No category assignment, Not listed to eBay, and by Supplier.

The ProStores application is certified PA DSS Certification by PSC, a certified Qualified Security Assessor Company (QSAC) for the PCI Security Standards Council.

For further information, see details at the ProStores site.

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