Thursday, August 05, 2010

VISA Introduces Rightcliq to Facilitate Online Shopping

DM News reports that VISA has launched a web application called “Rightcliq” that makes the online shopping experience easier for consumers by allowing users to create a wish list -- called a “Wishspace” --  to organize and share images of products they're considering buying, browse merchant offers, solicit advice from friends, auto-fill payment information using a digital wallet, and track package deliveries.

According to a recent Visa survey, half of all online shoppers rely on inconvenient methods -- like bookmarking and written lists -- to track items they are interested in buying, but not yet ready to purchase. More than 90 percent said they would do more online shopping if they had an easy way to compare items and see available merchant discounts and promotions.  Rightcliq's features address these opportunities and will help make online shopping simpler, smarter, and more fun. 

After the application is downloaded, consumers can access it from any website using a tool that appears on the web browser. When consumers visit eCommerce sites, Rightcliq instantly notifies them of offers that apply to that site. The application works with all credit and debit cards, not just Visa.

According to CBS MarketWatch, the launch of Rightcliq followed several months of live market testing which enabled VISA to refine features based on user input. VISA plans to listen to what users say they like, dislike and want to see in the future and enhance the product based on that feedback.

According to VISA, "Rightcliq plays a role in every step of the online shopping process."
  • Browse: As consumers browse merchant sites, the downloadable Rightcliq plug-in lets them add products of interest to a "Wishspace" with a simple click to build a visual wish list of items that can be grouped into "bundles" and shared with their social network via e-mail or Facebook. In addition to this social shopping experience, consumers will also see relevant offers from merchants, and can even share those offers with the same social networks.
  • Buy: Consumers can purchase items from the Wishspace by clicking through to merchant websites. At checkout, the plug-in lets consumers auto-fill personal, payment and shipping information that has been stored in their Rightcliq account, eliminating the inconvenience of searching for their wallet and manual data entry. The digital wallet helps consumers make the best payment choice at point of sale, but also allows them to store sensitive information in one secure place and decide when to share it with merchants. When consumers choose to pay with a stored VISA account, they are guaranteed  protections they have come to expect from VISA - including Zero Liability for fraudulent transactions.
  • Delivery: After an online purchase has been made, Rightcliq makes package tracking easy by visually displaying the shipping status of all packages in one convenient location.
According to AdWeek, Rightcliq is aimed at two groups of customers: young trendsetters and shopping enthusiasts. VISA research found that these segments make up 20 percent of the online shopping population and account for 26 percent of spending, consummating on average 10 transactions per month.

VISA's move is similar to efforts by Nike and Fiat in the digital product extension realm, says AdWeek.

VISA created the concept and handled most of the development in-house, getting help in honing its vision from design consultancy Ideo, while digital shop AKQA crafted the online marketing strategy and Social Arc handled social media work.

VISA's campaign  to promote the app, notes AdWeek, will target trendsetter and shopper audiences on sites like Daily Candy, Gawker, Federated Media properties, Pitchfork and Yahoo Shine.

The push leans heavily on integrations that encourage trial. For instance, shopping blog co-founders Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr will integrate the app into their content. Gawker is holding a "Wish Big" contest for readers to win wish lists they create via that app. "We felt like that was core to all of this, to get them using the product and put it to work," Bob Pullum, group creative director at AKQA in San Francisco, told AdWeek.

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