Tuesday, September 07, 2010

BigCommerce Offers New Release, with mCommerce Option

BigCommerce has launched its latest multi-channel eCommerce software platform designed to help small and mid-sized merchants capitalize on current industry trends such as mobile and social commerce.

The enterprise features in BigCommerce 6.0 are available in packages starting at $24.95 per month and will allow merchants to sell on Facebook, eBay, mobile devices and via shopping comparison sites such as Shopping.com, PriceGrabber, Shopzilla and more.

The new release includes major features in the following areas:
•    Mobile Commerce: Customizable mobile store templates, an iPad-specific mobile store and a webkit-based design for iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre and Android devices to enable its more than 6,000 small and mid-sized merchants to launch mobile commerce sites. Entering a retailer’s URL on one of these mobile devices automatically redirects shoppers to the mobile-optimized site.
•    Social Commerce: Merchants can promote and sell their products on Facebook and eBay, make their own sites more social by adding Like buttons and tools that allow shoppers to share comments and product reviews, and list their products numerous popular shopping comparison sites.
•    E-mail Marketing: Merchants can automate their e-mail list development with the new SmartList technology and set up autoresponders and promotions in MailChimp to follow up with customers and share a coupon code after purchase.
•    Analytics: The new “Customers who viewed this product also viewed…” feature gives merchants valuable product search-related data and keeps shoppers on site longer
•    Shipping: Three-click integration with Shipworks
•    Product Photos: Merchants can edit images directly from the BigCommerce control Panel using Picnik.com.

An ATG study has indicated that a high percentage of mid-market eCommerce merchants are not satisfied with their current online storefronts. The new platform from BigCommerce is specifically designed to give those merchants the latest in enterprise-level features on a small or mid-sized budget, or to try them free for a 15-day trial.

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