Friday, September 03, 2010

Venda's Advanced Mobile Platform Powered by Digby

Venda, which claims to be "the world's largest on-demand eCommerce provider," has introduced the Venda Advanced Mobile Platform (A.M.P.) powered by Digby, an enterprise mobile commerce offering that provides multichannel merchants a unified shopping experience between in-store, online, catalog and mobile devices.

Venda A.M.P., powered by the Digby Mobile Commerce suite, is a feature-rich mobile portfolio that is integrated with the Venda Enterprise eCommerce platform. This seamless solution, supported by Venda's global customer support organization, provides brands and retailers with a unified platform to connect with their audience and customers, delivering unique and personalized shopping experiences anywhere, anytime.

According to a recent survey of 1,052 consumers conducted by Deloitte LLP, 21% of consumer shoppers have used a web-enabled mobile phone to assist them in shopping. The survey also reported that 36% of those surveyed have used their phone to go to a web site to shop for products or services. Venda believes that brands and retailers must harness the opportunity mobile presents in a comprehensive and scalable manner to match customer expectations. Most current mCommerce offerings deliver generic first-generation mobile sites that are hard-coded to web sites. Venda A.M.P. allows brands to fully deliver a cross platform personalized commerce experience to any customer at any location.

Like all Venda offerings, Venda A.M.P. leverages an underlying SaaS model that ensures clients receive future-proofed, enterprise-scale technology supported by a global development and client care network, giving them the autonomy to more effectively manage their front-end user experience.

Digby's singular focus on retail aligns with Venda's legacy of enabling a deeper and richer approach to commerce for brands. Integrating seamlessly with inventory, catalog and historical order information housed in the Venda platform, Venda A.M.P. will drive brand efforts to identify, customize and incentivize a customer while they are in-store, at home or on-the-go for "dramatic improvements in the customer experience." With Venda A.M.P., merchants can:
  • Enable Website viewing on mobile devices including iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Blackberry and Android while coping with the constant innovation cycle of new mobile devices, operating systems and screen sizes/resolutions;
  • Run geo- and time-specific marketing and eCommerce programs with location targeting capabilities;
  • Deliver highly-personalized and sophisticated "Rich Mobile Web" experiences;
  • Enable a fully-transactional mobile (search, shop, buy, pay, service) experience with an expanding universe of "must-have" capabilities like:
    • In-store check-ins with timely and personalized offers pushed directly to a user's device;
    • Bar code scanning for pricing and comparison information via mobile phone cameras to share with friends via Facebook;
    • Wish-list and registry management, product reviews, order status and stock availability
 "Our vision for hosted eCommerce is to free our clients to engage with their customers in a more meaningful, direct and cost-effective way, making Digby's mobile technology a perfect strategic fit in terms of features, operations, support and cost," said Jeffrey Max, CEO of Venda, Inc. "Brands that thrive in the future will embrace mobile as a unifying customer experience, and with Venda A.M.P. they will be able to focus on delighting customers with the comfort that our platform will continue to scale and mature alongside their business."

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