Monday, September 27, 2010

MyBuys Launches First Fully Personalized Mobile Commerce Solution

MyBuys, a leading provider of multichannel personalization solutions, today introduced MyBuys Mobile, the industry's only personalization-driven, full-service mobile offering for eCommerce.

The MyBuys solution optimizes the shopping experience for every consumer on any mobile device including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad by its delivery of a consistent brand experience and ease-of-use across all devices to allow the shopper to quickly and easily find enticing products and transact a purchase.

According to the experience of its early adopters, retailers using MyBuys can improve their mobile commerce traffic, conversion and repeat revenue by more than 300 percent in just a few weeks with no IT or consulting fees with MyBuys Mobile.

MyBuys cites ABI Research to project that US consumers will spend $2.4 billion in purchases using their mobile phones in 2010, up 100% from $1.2 billion in 2009. Amazon alone has reported more than $1 billion in sales orders using mobile devices. However, many retailers are struggling to connect with the mobile consumer [I visited three major retailers on my Android phone over the weekend for store hours and locations, and none of them had mComm-configured sites - not a pretty picture!].

Because mobile shopping sites display fewer products than online shopping sites, it is paramount that the products that are displayed on the smartphone by sites that are mCommerce-enabled are relevant to each consumer.

Every customer who visits a retailer’s mobile website using MyBuys is recognized as an individual with unique preferences and shopping behaviors. What they see is based on both explicit and implicit information about the shopper’s tastes, self-identified preferences, purchase history and website activity. MyBuys matches the product to the shopper with technology that intuitively displays real-time changes in content and inventory, thus requiring no implementation efforts and no feeds from a company’s IT department.

In addition, MyBuys’ mobile functionality includes catalog, search, ratings and reviews, cart integration, store locator, and more.

“The mobile channel is the largest growing portion of eCommerce and already a significant revenue opportunity for retailers,” said Bob Cell, CEO of MyBuys. “Our new mobile offering provides a consistent, personalized shopping experience by making dynamic changes to a retailer’s website to fit a mobile platform, with no intervention from the retailer. For the shopper, it makes purchasing as simple as texting - whether they are impulse shopping or working through a well thought-out holiday shopping list.”

MyBuys mCommerce interface for Babyphat
MyBuys leadership in the personalization of eCommerce combined with preferences captured on over 200 million anonymous profiles and the company's deep understanding of each retailer's catalog and merchandising events allows MyBuys to predict what shoppers want to buy, and to dynamically present multiple options to each consumer across all channels including display advertising, email, direct mail and now mobile.

MyBuys has partnered with Branding Brand, an industry leader in mobile commerce design and development, to leverage the MyBuys personalization leadership, algorithms and profiles and deliver the only full-service, personalized mobile sites available in the market today.

Here's a side-by side comparison of the MyBuys mCommerce platform with three other leading mCommerce solutions:
About MyBuys
MyBuys is a leading provider of personalization for multichannel retailers. Using deep profiles based on each individual shopper's behavior, the company uses a patented portfolio of algorithms and real-time optimization to deliver the most relevant product purchase recommendations. MyBuys's clients are increasing engagement by over 100% across all channels, average order value by 45 percent, conversion rates by 90 percent, and boosting overall online revenue 10-30%.

Over 300 companies, including more than 65 of the Internet Retailer Top 500, partner with MyBuys to offer intelligent, personalized recommendations to their shoppers. Based in Redwood City, Calif., MyBuys is a privately held company. Visit them online at

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