Thursday, September 23, 2010

Klaggle Puts Product Reviews On Merchants' Websites

Klaggle is "the Zagat's for product reviews," helping online merchants improve their business results by providing immediate and unique review content collected and measured from across the Web. Although consumer reviews are the No. 1 social media tool that increases online sales, most merchants find it too time consuming and costly to provide enough customer reviews and harness their true value. It can take sup to nine months to aggregate sufficient content to be meaningful to purchasers. And the cost and effort to aggregate and maintain this content can be staggering.

Klaggle solves that problem by identifying and rating the most talked about product features mentioned in such reviews and how users felt about them. The service aggregates the most reviewed features and attributes of a product in a visually compelling and interactive format from a high volume of consumer product reviews. By embedding Klaggle’s nSight™ review content directly into a merchant's product pages, retailers provide rich, compelling consumer review information at the point of sale, increasing engagement, retention, order size and total sales.
  • Works with any e-commerce platform
  • Hosted on Klaggle's servers
  • Completely browser-based
  • "Easy set-up"
  • No new pages or files to upload to your site
  • Customizable to fit your existing product page design
  • Maintenance Free
The company is currently offering a free 30-day trial of the latest version of the Klaggle nSight™ solution for retailers. Check it out HERE.

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