Sunday, September 19, 2010

The UPS Logistics "Rebranding" - Plus Examples

At first blush, the UPS branding campaign, "We [heart] logistics," or "the new logistics," seems bland enough, and somewhat pointless. "The new logistics lets you operate with the heft of a big guy, no matter what size you actually are." Further down on the home page of the branding campaign, UPS restates the point and adds a reference to their own facilities: "You don't need a large warehouse, distribution center, or global network to access this new logistics. You just need UPS. We've built a massive integrated network of physical, technological, and human assets that lets you tap into the power and passion of logistics."

The power and passion of logistics? Really? You have to be truly, deeply committed to this field to get that enthusiastic about it, don't you think? And few people are....

Anyway, if you dig even deeper into the site, you finally find what this campaign seems to be largely about: using UPS's own third-party fulfillment facilities and services. "Take advantage of our expansive, highly efficient network. Let our people manage the logistics. Use space in our facilities (over 35 million square feet) to stage the right amount of product at the right place. Turn servicing warranty obligations into a competitive advantage."

And the message continues: "With access to sites in more than 120 countries, you can be mere hours from your customers--wherever they are in the world--without investing in physical resources. With the new logistics, you can flex and grow as your business needs."

Originally, I thought what was missing from this campaign was a set of case studies that would add a dimension of useful specifics to a mass of generalities.A reader kindly pointed out the obvious, however: they are right there as plain as day under "Customer Stories." Not buried...just hiding (from me!) in plain sight!

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