Monday, January 10, 2011

Conversational Marketing Technology

Neolane's "conversational marketing technology" encompasses all the essentials marketers need to plan, create, execute and measure marketing activities. Applications in the platform include:

* Neolane Campaign Management Software, for creating and executing cross-channel marketing communications.
* Neolane Lead, for automating lead generation, scoring, routing and nurturing.
* Neolane MRM, to help marketers create plans and manage costs and resources.
* Neolane Interaction, for coordinating inbound and outbound activity and offers.
* Neolane Message Center, for coordinating real-time, high-volume communications and transactional messages, automatically.

Automated Marketing Software For B2C/B2B Marketers

These five core applications combine to form Neolane's two solutions: Cross-Channel Marketing Optimization for high-volume, transactional B2C marketers, and Lead Management Optimization for B2B marketers and others who use multiple touches to transform a prospect into a customer over time. There are also a number of optional features that marketers can add to enhance their Neolane solution.

All Neolane applications are built on one single, open Enterprise marketing platform. They were all developed by Neolane from scratch and share a single code base, which makes for ease of integration and implementation.

The suite includes a versatile workflow engine and a graphical user interface. The automated workflow engine is role-based to enable marketers to easily define processes to plan and manage budgets, resources, and content; segment customers; define rules and triggers; create and re-use templates; execute campaigns; capture responses; define lead flows; and analyze results.

The visual framework makes it intuitive for marketers to coordinate all marketing processes and customer interactions spanning multiple channels, dynamically formatting content upon delivery. The level of personalization is virtually unlimited, empowering marketers to deliver the right message to the right person via the right channel at the right time.

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